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Happy Halloween!

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

By Stephanie DeFazio

Halloween is known as the gateway of The Void, when the veils between the physical and spirit worlds become thinner, as well as a heightened time of transformation.

The origins of Halloween point to the ancient festival of Samhain (pronounced, Sow-in), which is last harvest festival that falls between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solistice. It's a time of spiritual death and darkness with a transition into the restful period of winter.

Although we associate Halloween with Oct 31st, it was actually celebrated midnight on November 1st (the date has a vibration of 111), as there was a strong belief that spiritual activity was at its highest then. Also, it is believed that each number 1 in this vibration points to the symbolism of the three pillars, where the middle one represents the veil stuck between the physical and spiritual worlds.

I was fascinated to learn that this belief in spiritual activity between these two dimensions is where the tradition of the jack-o-lanterns and wearing costumes originated. Both were a form of protection from potential wandering and harmful spirits.

So while adults are attending costume parties and the kids are trick-or-treating, the spirit world is exceptionally active!

Have you experienced any deaths this year? And I don't just mean the death of loved ones. It could be the "death" of relationships, ideas, or even your dreams. Now is the time to accept and honor what has passed on and also welcome with a grateful heart the new things that are coming in your life.

Halloween is also a good time to think about your loved ones that now reside in the spiritual realm. Maybe they have a special message or a sign for you. Perhaps your Spirit Guides are trying to nudge you along on your path, or encourage you to take it easy and rest. Keep yourself present and never know what special intuitive messages you may receive!

Day of the Dead, celebrated Oct 31-Nov 2 is a Mexican holiday that honors loved ones who have passed on.

If you are looking to be better connected with your spirit guides and angels, I encourage you to book an intuitive reading with Peyton! And, if you are interested in connecting with your own intuition, check out Peyton's Intuitive Painting Intensive Workshop on November 16th.

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