Spiritual Intuitive Readings 

with Peyton Pugmire

Thank you for visiting my reading page.  I am currently taking a short holiday break from doing readings.

Please stay tuned for when I resume in the new year!  

It's Time to Go Big and Show Up...as YOU!

Your spiritual intuitive reading with Peyton is a positive and gentle way to receive guidance on what matters most to you, including

  •  Life Purpose Re-Alignment

  • Authentic Self-Expression

  • Career Transformation & Up-Leveling

  • Creative Productivity 


Peyton has been doing readings for over nineteen years and has clients from coast to coast.  Predominantly clairvoyant and clairaudient,  he 'sees' and 'hears' messages from his spirit guides and guardian angels.  Peyton also incorporates tarot and oracle cards into the readings for added guidance, magic, and fun!  Readings take place in-person or by phone, Zoom, and email.

Your Journey Begins Here


Peyton's guides and angels already KNOW that you desire positive transformation with your career, creativity, or holistic practice, and how you show up in the world.  So, prepare to be guided with Love.  To help Peyton assess how he can best be of service to you, please take just a few minutes to complete the New Client Survey BEFORE booking a reading.  Peyton will be back in touch within 24 hours. 

If you are interested in an email card reading only, you do not need to complete the new client survey.  Simply click the "Book a Reading" button above! 

Parties, too!

Please contact Peyton at ppugmire@creativespiritma.com to plan your spiritual intuitive reading party.

Client Testimonials:

"You are a gift from the heavens and your talent is undeniable. The reading helped me see and hear what is possible and I’m excited about creativity again.  I thank the heavens for putting you in my path.  You make the world a better place just being you. " - Linda W.

"It was such a unique, insightful and positive experience.  I felt incredibly uplifted and understood by you, and that's something that I am very much in need of right now.  Your complete understanding of exactly where I am at this moment in my life was a bit shocking, but so very welcomed.  I can quite literally feel the energy that you radiate out into the world.  Thank you so very much for your time, your energy, and your insight." - Alicia V. 

"From the moment I entered your inviting space I knew we were going to work through what I needed. Not always easy. Thank you for being present during that time."  - Karen T.

"This was just the boost and direction I needed, so thank you and to your angel guides!" - Madonna M.