Intuitive Readings with Peyton Pugmire

It is Time to Be Fully Yourself!

A spiritual intuitive reading with Peyton Pugmire is a positive and gentle way to receive powerful guidance on a variety of topics, including

  • Life purpose

  • Authentic self-expression

  • Transition and transformation

  • Manifestation

  • Career changes and "up-leveling"

  • And more!


Peyton has been doing readings for over eighteen years and has clients from coast to coast.  Predominantly clairvoyant and clairaudient,  he 'sees' and 'hears' messages from the spirit and angelic realms (sources of Divine Love and Light) in response to the client's questions.  Peyton also incorporates angel, tarot, and oracle cards into most readings.

Clients find Peyton's readings to be uplifting, insightful, and accurate.  Peyton wishes for each client to leave feeling empowered and re-connected to her and his sense of purpose!  Readings can take place in-person at Creative Spirit or by phone;  Phone readings are recorded and emailed to the client after the reading.


What to Expect and How to Prepare for Your Reading

Peyton lovingly prepares before each session.  His preparation is sacred and includes meditation and energetic alignment with Spirit, the angels, and the client.  Client's should email a photo of her/himself to Peyton before the appointment.  The photo is used to help align Peyton's and the client's energies prior to the reading.  It is also recommended that the client set a loving and positive intention for the reading.  This intention will help ensure that the reading serves the client's Highest Good.  Above all, clients should arrive with an open heart and mind!

Is Peyton Right for You?

Each intuitive has his and her own style, and more importantly, Spirit and the angels share a certain "flavor" of guidance through each individual psychic.  With Peyton, the angels love to offer guidance about life purpose, divine path, major goals, transition, transformation, and soul "upleveling."  Peyton is NOT the psychic one goes to for predictions ("will I get the job?", etc.).  The angels will not offer Peyton or his client the playbook of their life.  This is because we have Free Will, and the angels' honor this.  So, if you are ready to receive BIG guidance, show up with an open heart, and then take some bold steps forward after the reading, then Peyton is the intuitive for you! 


Parties, too!

Throw the party that might just change your guests' life!  Contact Peyton at to plan your reading party with a group of friends.

Client Testimonials:

"Peyton has a real gift! His style was positive, peaceful, and came from a place of truth. I left feeling connected to my journey. It was an amazing experience!"   


“Peyton has always been spot on with exactly what I'm going through, and he has even relayed messages from my angels of exact thoughts I've had. I highly recommend him.”   


"So many things are spot on. It's powerful information and really in tune with what has been rolling around in my head. I will definitely be working with you again."


"There is so much that resonates with me.  I am very grateful for the prayer work you did with Archangel Michael.  Thank you for the light and renewed energy you have shared in this reading."

"This reading affirmed a lot for me, and that means so much."

"You helped with so much, more than you could ever imagine.  I truly felt like I was floating when I left, in the best, most light-hearted sense of the word."

"Peyton, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday. It was so so healing and helpful and you are a true gift to the world."

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