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Spiritual Intuitive Readings
with Peyton Pugmire

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I am taking my annual break from doing intuitive readings. 

In the meantime, please consider another one of my holistic therapies. 

I suggest a past life regression or IET session - both of which support connecting with your higher self and subconscious.

Spiritual intuitive readings are a positive, fun, and gentle way to receive inspiration and guidance on what matters most to you, including

  •  Life Purpose 

  • Self-Expression

  • Career Transformation & Up-Leveling

  • Creative Productivity

  • Relationships

  • Connecting with departed loved ones

  • More!

I have been doing intuitive readings for over 20 years, and I'd love to read for YOU!  Predominantly clairvoyant and clairaudient,  I 'see' and 'hear' Spirit's messages as they relate to your questions.  I also use oracle and tarot cards to help clarify your messages from Spirit!  

  • DURATION:  45 minutes

  • COST: $105 (in person or Zoom)

  • LOCATION:  Zoom or in-person at 40 South Street, suite 104, Marblehead, MA 


Gift certificates and card reading parties also available!

To learn more and book your party, contact Peyton HERE.

Client Testimonials:

"You are a gift from the heavens and your talent is undeniable. The reading helped me see and hear what is possible and I’m excited about creativity again.  I thank the heavens for putting you in my path.  You make the world a better place just being you. " - Linda W.

"It was such a unique, insightful and positive experience.  I felt incredibly uplifted and understood by you, and that's something that I am very much in need of right now.  Your complete understanding of exactly where I am at this moment in my life was a bit shocking, but so very welcomed.  I can quite literally feel the energy that you radiate out into the world.  Thank you so very much for your time, your energy, and your insight." - Alicia V. 

"From the moment I entered your inviting space I knew we were going to work through what I needed. Not always easy. Thank you for being present during that time."  - Karen T.

"This was just the boost and direction I needed, so thank you and to your angel guides!" - Madonna M.

"Thank you Peyton for showing me that my angels were giving me the green light to GO! I always think about that and it's been giving me a lot of comfort. " - Serena F.

Peyton Pugmire, owner of Creative Spirit, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Spiritual Intuitive Readings in-person, on zoom or by email with Peyton Pugmire of Creative Spirit
Peyton Pugmire, owner of Creative Spirit, Marblehead, Massachusetts