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A creative workbook guaranteed to spark exciting new ways of thinking and feeling about yourself!


Inner Sanctuary Haiga:
a multi step exercise including meditative visualization, writing, drawing, and journaling

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or at MacRae's Sustainable Goods in Marblehead, MA

Get ready:  this book will open doorways to new, exciting, and creative adventures that lie ahead for you!    

Seeking clarity around your dreams and passions?  Wishing to forge your own creative and 
intuitive path?  Wanting to feel more connected to who you truly are? If so, this book can help! Filled with fun, creative, and in-depth exercises that reflect your heart and soul, this workbook will help you to   

  • Clarify your dreams, passions, and goals

  • Nurture and honor your feelings and needs

  • Create a positive mindset to help you achieve your goals

  • Visualize your Higher Self (the wisest, most empowered, and creative version of you!)

  • Identify positive life patterns for future growth

  • Tap your intuitive wisdom and inner courage

As you work through these unique exercises, you will become a clear channel for your own inner wisdom and authenticity.  So, prepare for new revelations, and enjoy the creative journey!  

Praise for Your Spirit Will Soar!

“Your Spirit Will Soar is a wonderful companion for those moments that come to us when we feel stuck or uncertain on our creative journey. It gives us a selection of empowering exercises, both written and visual, in which we can gain clarity about who we are and where we most want to go. It can be a guide to 
creative freedom."
 —Cat Bennett, artist and author

“Your Spirit Will Soar is a life guide for a deep inner exploration.  Peyton invites you to birth your dreams through proven creative exercises to open your heart and mind and to say, “yes!” to the dreams that are uniquely yours.” —Susyn Reeve, author, mentor, and creative

"The workbook flows like a creative journal for the senses. We are guided to connect to parts of ourselves that are reminiscent of our inner child—full of creative power and possibility. As a trauma therapist trained in the expressive arts I would recommend this workbook to my clients. It provides a joyful, powerful canvas for play and discovery. If you are looking for a deep guided self exploration tool this workbook is it!" —Gabriela Cristina Celeiro, MSW, LCSW

"Filled with divine intention and practical, loving exercises, this workbook helps its reader find their own inner wisdom. Peyton's own creativity and clarity infuse this workbook with gentle guidance for experienced practitioners as well as those looking to begin trusting their intuition. If you are looking for ways to tune in, 
refine your vision, and feel connected to Spirit (whatever that means for you), I can't recommend this book enough! I can see myself going back to it again and again over the years.”
 —Shari Caplan, poet


About the Author, Peyton Pugmire


Hello! I’m Peyton Pugmire.  I was born to be a creative spirit—to live intuitively and authentically - and I love inspiring others to do the same.  Since coming out of the closet as a gay person, I’ve been obsessed with coming out, in every way life can offer.  After all, I believe we are here to express ourselves fully and pursue our dreams!  My work and studies in teaching, intuitive counseling, regression hypnotherapy, drama therapy, spirituality, the performing arts, and art making have empowered me to serve my clients in ways that are creative, transformational, and deeply profound.

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