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Peyton Pugmire's paintings are inspired by nature, spirituality, and joy.  His technique is a blend of intuitive art making and technical skill.  For prints or  commissions, please contact Peyton HERE.

Thank you!

About the Artist, Peyton Pugmire


Hello! I’m Peyton Pugmire.  I was born to be a creative spirit—to live intuitively and authentically - and I love inspiring others to do the same.  Since coming out of the closet as a gay person, I’ve been obsessed with coming out, in every way life can offer.  After all, I believe we are here to express ourselves fully and pursue our dreams!  My work and studies in teaching, intuitive counseling, regression hypnotherapy, drama therapy, spirituality, the performing arts, and art making have empowered me to serve my clients in ways that are creative, transformational, and deeply profound.

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