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Are you a creative spirit with many talents and skills? 

Wish to unite with others to create an original theatrical performance? 

Wish to share your life stories with others?


Who is Soul Play for? 


Anyone with a heartfelt interest is welcome, and participants need not have prior acting/performance experience. 

When will this project take place?

The hope is to form a troupe and begin rehearsals in the winter or early spring of 2024.  


Soul Play is ideal for creative people interested in

  • Storytelling

  • Embodied creative exploration

  • Expression through theatrical performance

  • Working collaboratively to create something greater than the sum of its parts

  • Creative spontaneous play and improvisation

  • Trying something new and taking risks

  • Transformational art


What exactly is the Soul Play project?


Soul Play is a transformational theatre project with the mission to create and perform an original piece of theatre that is inspired by the participants’ personal stories and intended to spark positive transformation in both performer and audience.


The process will begin with informal storytelling from cast members and mining those stories for common themes - prioritizing those that reflect our shared vulnerabilities and resilience.   Selected stories will then be artistically explored, embodied, and adapted into theatrical form for the purpose of crafting a final performance for an audience.


A large variety of dramatic styles, forms, and structures may be adopted, including musical theatre, movement/dance, puppetry, drama, comedy, monologue, dialogue, drag, audience participation, performance art, and more.  These will inform how the stories may be adapted into theatrical form.


Several rehearsals will be required so that the final performance may be prepared.  A small number of performances will be scheduled for a public audience.

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