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Past Life &
Life Between Life
Regression Hypnotherapy

with Peyton Pugmire, CHt

Clear the past and heal the present!

The Healing Benefits of Regression Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state.  Under hypnosis, your state of consciousness moves below its waking state, allowing you to recall forgotten memories and helpful information embedded deep within your unconscious. Accessing your soul's data through hypnotic regression can be extremely healing, and the many benefits include:

  • Connecting with higher wisdom for renewed vitality

  • Understanding your life purpose

  • Clearing old traumas and issues, including physical ailments

  • Releasing trapped emotions

  • Gaining clarity around current issues, including relationships

  • Receiving spiritual guidance from your Higher Self and spirit guides

  • De-energizing old unhelpful patterns that hold you back

  • Energizing your talents, abilities, and strengths

Past Life Regression 

During a past life regression, you can re-connect with a past life, including your past personality, geographic location, occupation, life lessons, and much more. Your personal goals for the session will determine which past life is revealed to you while under hypnosis, and the lessons learned from your past can enhance the journey through your present life.  You do not have to believe in reincarnation theory for your PLR to be effective.  Simply believing that your unconscious stores useful information is enough to facilitate a helpful regression.    

  • DURATION:  3 hours including the intake interview.

  • COST: $255

  • LOCATION:  Zoom or in-person at 40 South Street, Suite 104, Marblehead, MA 

Life Between Life Regression

A life between life regression takes you back into your memories as a soul between lives when you reviewed past incarnations and made plans for your current life.  In the spirit realm, you may encounter your spirit guides and soul mates – all of whom are assisting you in understanding and fulfilling your life purpose.  As you move into your spiritual consciousness your identity is expanded beyond human limitations. You perceive yourself and your life through an elevated mindset that deepens understanding and releases conflicts.

  • DURATION: 4 hours including the intake interview

  • SCHEDULING: The 1 hour intake interview will be scheduled on a separate date from the 3 hour regression.  Please schedule both appointments at the same time using the buttons below.

  • COST: $340 

  • LOCATION:  Zoom or in-person at 40 South Street, Suite 104, Marblehead, MA 


Integration Session

A regression can leave you very curious and thoughtful about what you have experienced.  A short amount of time will be used at the end of your session to process the experience, but if more time to process is desired, then consider a follow-up integration session with me.  This hour will be yours to share your thoughts and feelings about your regression while I listen, ask questions, and offer intuitive suggestions to support your deeper understanding of what has emerged and how to apply the learning to your present life.    

  • PREREQUISITE:  A regression session under my guidance

  • DURATION: 1 hour

  • COST: $85 

  • LOCATION:  Zoom or in-person at 40 South Street, Suite 104, Marblehead, MA (Mon./Wed. 9am-5pm & Thurs. 1pm-5pm)


Client Testimonials

"Peyton’s facilitation of my past life regression led me to an experience which still today feels monumental. From his caring interview through his guidance toward discovery, I felt in safe hands.  He never pushed his own agenda but rather, constantly responded to where I was.  Because of his altruistic nature, I found myself at the end in a new place, and I realized I had already moved on from old stuff. I was ready for a new path. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to be enlightened and lightened." - Tara W.

"Thru Peyton's clear, gentle, powerful, and loving guidance, during my two past life regression sessions, I experienced the roots of my self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors and felt my heart and mind open more deeply to a loving relationship with myself and others.  Today, months after my sessions, I continue to be guided by the wisdom revealed, when an image from our sessions pops into my mind.  If you are committed to deepening and expanding a loving relationship with yourself, then working with Peyton offers a direct route to healing wounds of the past and living your life grounded in passion and purpose." - Susyn R.

“I had the distinct good fortune of doing a past-life regression with Peyton’s skillful, compassionate, and grounding guidance. It was an incredibly deep, moving, and evocative experience that helped me connect more deeply to my ancestry, my unique gifts, and my sense of purpose in the world. There is a part of me that is lovingly skeptical of things like past-life regression, but that didn’t diminish the experience in the slightest. Peyton helped me tap into the deepest layers of my subconscious, and I frankly don’t care whether the memories were ‘real’ in the literal sense. They were real in the emotional sense and enormously insightful, inspiring, and helpful. Do yourself the favor, make a few hours in your schedule, and dive into an unforgettable and life-altering experience with Peyton. I can’t recommend it enough.” - Andy C.

"With deep care and sensitivity, Peyton held space for me as I journeyed through time, with the intention of healing past wounds whose energy remains trapped within. I am so grateful for the patience, calmness and compassion that Peyton embodies. A past life regression session is highly recommended." - G.B.

Regression Hypnotherapy with Peyton Pugmire, owner of Creative Spirit, Marblehead, Massachusetts