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Private Intuition Development
with Peyton Pugmire, spiritual intuitive

 Eager to strengthen your intuitive connection?

Dreaming of launching your own intuitive guidance business?

Aching to “come out” of the psychic closet?

Craving one-on-one support to help you succeed?


Working privately with me, Peyton Pugmire, will give you the confidence and inspiration to

  • Live a more spiritually intuitive life!

  • Launch your intuitive business!

  • Be of loving service to others!


I will hold loving space for your questions and sharing and craft each session to YOUR present needs as they relate to your personal and professional goals.  I'll also share my abundant knowledge gained from 20+ years of doing intuitive readings with my own clients.  Over the years, I've identified what I call my 10 Principles of Intuitive Readings, and we'll explore all of them together:


  • Ethics 

  • Intention

  • Relationship with Spirit/Higher Source

  • Understanding the form of psychic messages

  • Overcoming fear

  • Sharing messages

  • Session preparation and structure

  • Client rapport

  • Divination tools


During our FUN journey together, I will also arrange practice readings between you and and volunteers so that you can practice your intuitive reading skills while I observe and cheer you on! Constructive feedback and testimonials will also be provided for growth and future marketing.

Numbers & Details:

  • Book a free Zoom consultation with me to ask questions, learn more, and see if we'd be a great match for one another.

  • Coaching Package:  5 sessions (1 hour/session; more sessions may be added at additional cost)

  • Cost: $500 for all 5 sessions

  • All sessions take place virtually via Zoom

Client Testimonials

"It has been an absolute blessing working with Peyton over the last few months. I could not have asked for a better mentor. He has been such a loving and encouraging presence in my life as I step into my own intuitive gifts. His insight, strong ethics and drive to serve are clearly evident in his work. These principles are invaluable examples to me as I move forward in my own practice. I encourage anyone looking for a breath-of-fresh-air to gift themselves the opportunity of a session with Peyton." - Rachel H.

“I recently finished Peyton’s five session intuitive development coaching and it was exactly what I needed to help me step into my long time desire of offering services as a spiritual intuitive myself. It was profoundly helpful, and the way he structures his process is really effective. Right from the start with his questionnaire I was able to dig in and get super clear about my goals and blocks. He is a very supportive, loving and intuitive guide. He knew exactly when to offer reassurance or advice, share his personal experiences, or push me to stretch my edges. It was such an incredible experience, and I’m forever grateful!“ - Casey T.

Peyton Pugmire, owner of Creative Spirit, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Peyton Pugmire, owner of Creative Spirit, Marblehead, Massachusetts
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