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Insta for the Creative Good - a Revitalizing Brainstorm

I have been interested in turning my business's Instagram feed into a positive and sustainable resource for my community, as opposed to a feed filled with self-serving ads and announcements about me. I admit at times its so easy to resort to these basic tactics to try and attract a client...but this intention is NOT sustainable for me. In fact, its draining and probably NOT even attractive to my followers.

I'm also aware of the increased noise (or hollow content) on social media. And I wish for Creative Spirit's feed to somehow rise above that static and serve as an enticing wishing well of peace, inspiration, and helpfulness - and one that hopefully people will return to again and again for more goodness. Now, don't get me wrong: I'm no master of anything, but I believe I do have some love to share and maybe - just maybe - some wisdom and tips on living an intuitive and creative life. My Insta make-over will be yet another creative experiment with peaks and valleys, I'm sure!

I recently hosted a Zoom brainstorm to chat about this topic with others who want the same thing for their social media feeds. Five open hearted, creative, and wise folks joined me to unpack this topic and generate some fabulous ideas on how to radically change our feeds for the GREATER GOOD of our communities. I'm so, so grateful for all that was shared. Everyone's ideas inspired me to reimagine my use of Instragram and recreate my relationship with this powerful tool.

Here is the outline of our conversation:

  • Meaning: We defined what it means for our feeds to serve as positive resources for our communities.

  • What Works: We identified what types of posts engage (and disengage) us.

  • Goals: We made and shared lists of the types of posts we'd like to use going forward to make our feeds into positive resources.

I hope you enjoy listening to our recording (below) for good ideas and inspiration. We cover an impressive array of topics, including

  • How posts inspire

  • Avoiding fear-based posts

  • Avoiding the "I've got this and you don't" message

  • The pros and cons of sharing our own personal shadows

  • How to share the invaluable "101 level" of our own expertise and knowledge

The recording lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. So, please enjoy! (Disclaimer: The recording is unedited, so please forgive the minimal off-topic banter!) Here's to you and the success and sustainability of your own creative Insta feeds!

written by Peyton Pugmire, founder and owner of Creative Spirit, LLC

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