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I Believe that Creativity is as Inherent to Life as Breathing

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Written by Peyton Pugmire

Painting by Peyton Pugmire, "The Dreaming Tree," acrylic on canvas

I'm currently teaching public speaking to high school sophomores. It feels REALLY good to be teaching something that gets them off their phones, interacting with one another, engaging their critical minds, and speaking from their hearts.

Their mid-term project was to write a personal "This I Believe" essay, inspired by the fascinating and impressive "This I Believe" radio program from the 1950s (and later picked up by NPR), and then translate the essay into a speech.

I modeled the project's process for my students as a way to provide an example of a belief, in essay form, supported by personal stories from one's life (a requirement for the assignment). My belief came to me quickly, and, after completing my essay, I realized that it encapsulated my entire motivation for having opened Creative Spirit.

I'd like to share that essay with you here:

Did you know that I have over 6000 thoughts a day? According to the research, we all do. I think that’s fascinating. My many thoughts also include ideas on which I act to create my day. Now, let’s unpack that word, ‘create’: Creativity is defined as ‘the use of the imagination or original ideas.’ So, if we put these theories together, with my 6000 ideas it’s safe to say that I am by nature a creative being. Creating my life is the ultimate activity, and therefore I believe that creativity is as inherent to life as breathing.

I believe that I create everything in my life – from paintings to manifesting personal goals. I am most proud of having created my career as an artist, teacher, hypnotherapist, and spiritual intuitive. In 2016 I left a very stressful job. I resigned vowing never again to work for anyone other than myself, and so I dipped into my own entrepreneurial skills (inherited from my father and his father) and opened my own business, Creative Spirit. I now inspire others to create their own lives, and it feels fantastic! I also create art. When I painted my last landscape, I was connected to my soul, and the colors were my voice. When I once directed a theatrical production of Peter Pan, I created a three-dimensional story with other artists, and we created this world together.

I believe that I create with my thoughts, words, and actions. Creation begins in my heart and imagination. In 1998 when I came out of the closet, I began creating a life steeped in truth. I also subscribe to the spiritual laws of energy and the laws of attraction, and I believe that my words, thoughts, and actions are all energy. This energy attracts similar energy resulting in the creative unfolding of my life. And so, I choose positive thoughts, words, and actions. Through my positive words and actions, I married my husband James when I said, “I do” - a dream fulfilled through love and creativity.

I believe that I am creating all the time. My days are created minute to minute by my desires and ideas. I act upon these, which results in my day’s creation. In the morning I create a peaceful start to my day by making a cup of decaf and meditating in my favorite armchair. In the afternoon, I sit down at my desk and edit my creative workbook – intended for self-publishing through Amazon – and this brings me deep satisfaction. Then, in the evening, I make dinner for James and me and eventually crawl into bed with a good book - my day’s final creative choice to ensure a peaceful sleep. The day was a masterpiece, and I was its creator.

I create everything in my life – through my thoughts, words, and actions – and I am consciously creating all the time. My soul’s artistry goes beyond the canvas or the stage, and it merges into life’s every aspect. This is how my unique life is created. This kind of creation is as easy and constant as breathing, and without it, I simply would not exist.

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