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The Tent of Enchantment
an immersive and intuitive experience

Welcome dear one to the Tent of Enchantment! What you are about to experience within this sanctuary from the far past will ignite within you a deep remembrance of who you truly are. 


Inside the candle lit tent you will delight in an atmosphere of magical antiquity, spellbinding sights and sounds, and a buffet of hands-on divination activities designed to ignite your own intuition and reveal meaningful guidance for you.  Enter with a burning question and leave with answers!  The Tent of Enchantment and all of its mystical contents – including oracle cards, tea leaves, wands, and more - will engage your imagination and inspire you to mix a little more magic into your life!  Prepare to walk your path afterwards with greater inspiration and clarity. And perhaps with more courage, peace, and joy as well! 

Appropriate for ages 14 and up | Visits are designed for 1 or 2 guests or you may book a guided tour with

Peyton Pugmire, spiritual intuitive

LOCATION: 40 South Street, suite 104, Marblehead, MA

COST:  $45 (1 guest), $90 (2 guests), $105 (guided tour with Peyton)

HOURS:  Mondays & Wednesdays (10am-8pm), Thursdays (1:30pm-8pm), and by appointment.

DURATION:  1 hour    

What Exactly is the Tent...?

The tent is a free standing 9'x6' structure designed to look like a wizard's hut filled with enchanted props, furnishings, and lighting.  Inside the tent, guests are free to engage with a variety of hands-on divination activities designed to ignite one's intuition and provide guidance in response to any question.  The experience is enhanced with audio recorded meditation, instruction, and music.  


Tent Benefits:

  • Guidance on any matter, problem, and question

  • Have fun!

  • Intuitive awakening 

  • Relaxation and solitude

  • Creative inspiration

  • Refreshing escape into a world of fantasy and antiquity

Tent Activities (do as much or as little as you like!):

  • Tasseography (divination using tea leaves)

  • Wand selection (you leave with your own wand!)

  • Abacomancy (divination using sand)

  • Psychography (divination using writing)

  • Transfiguration (the changing of appearance)

  • Cartomancy (divination using oracle cards)

  • Access the tent's library for additional guidance

  • Meditation and journaling

Wish for a guided tour? Consider booking a private tour accompanied by Peyton, spiritual intuitive and intuition teacher.  Peyton will be beside you every step of the way to help you fully engage with each activity and understand its messages.  He, too, will supplement the experience with his own intuitive understanding of your situation. 

Listen to the October 2022 WBZ News Radio interview HERE!

Tent Audio Guide
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What Guests Are Saying:


“The Tent of Enchantment is spectacular! The experience is incredibly fun, unique, and powerful! You will be blown away. There truly is magical energy within that tent. The minute I walked through the curtain, I felt transported to a new reality. Peyton has created a way for individuals to leave behind their routines and immediately experience the divine within, all through a self-guided experience.” – Molly Williams


"Thank you for creating this wonder filled, joyful and introspective experience! I can't wait to come back to sit with my inner child again!" – Jennifer Lewis


“Personal growth can be heavy at times.  That’s when it’s time for the tent of enchantment!  It’s a magical Hogwarts-like fort where you bring a question and are guided on a gentle journey of intuitive exploration. You get to play with hats and cards and other goodies. It’s a total treat! I felt so much better afterwards.”  

- Christina Frei

"I was blown away.  I was completely transported in this sacred, divine space. I cried and felt that the Universe really had my back on something, and it made me feel hopeful. It is a place for you to deeply connect with you."  - Devorah Feinbloom

"The tent is a magical and ingenious experience of the inner child playing with the soul. An experience like no other! Eye-candy for your spiritual senses and a marvelous adventure that is all about you-Who you are, who you are becoming, and who you want to be. I left relaxed, delighted and...enchanted!" - Rosie Dalton

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