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What Does it Really Mean to Let it Go?

By Stephanie DeFazio

I just visited the amazing Ice Castles up in Lincoln, NH this past weekend and to say it was a magical experience seems like an understatement. It was one of the most beautiful winter environments I have ever seen, and I felt as if I entered another world, much like the one of that snow queen who decides to let it go.

For most of us, we either tell ourselves through self-talk to let it go or others advise us to let it go. What does it actually mean though? A post on Psychology Today defines it as "getting rid of the inner turmoil about what we can't control and choosing to accept the here and now as it is." Letting go of that control has to be one of the hardest things for us to have to do, am I right? However, when we make that choice to not be so consumed with all of the details about how our lives are going to turn out...what's going to happen next, there's an immediate sense of relief, a peace that washes over us.

It is also difficult to let painful thoughts and experiences go that constantly want to replay over and over in our minds and make us feel stuck. We rehash how someone has mistreated us, or allow negative thoughts about ourselves to bring us down. Choosing to let it go and divert our thoughts to positive ones means that we are letting go of thoughts that are no longer serving us.

To let it go is a form of self-care, recognizing what we need and what we don't need in our lives to move forward towards joy and happiness. When we are not consumed with what we can't control and thoughts that only bring us backwards, we can actually live in the present.

Imagine all the possibilities, what we could become when we let go of what we don't need and reach for our dreams, what we most desire in our lives. These good vibes of joy and gratefulness will open us up to all that life has to offer. It will make us unstoppable...and that's where the real magic lies!

If you're seeking ways to show yourself some self-care, check out the offerings this month at Creative Spirit. You could also book a Spiritual Intuitive Reading or an Integrative Energy Therapy session with Peyton. Go ahead, and let it go!

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