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How to Receive Lasting Soul Guidance in a Spiritual Intuitive Reading

The questions you ask in a spiritual intuitive reading with me, Peyton Pugmire, are the key to a rich and practical reading. Your questions can either open up the spiritual flow of energy or constrict it. This is because Spirit provides soul guidance, and Spirit prefers to respond to questions that invite deep soul growth, learning, and expansion. Afterall, we humans need all the help we can get - we easily get stuck in egoic habits and mundane patterns of thought - and Spirit knows better! Often the questions we ask are conditional and rooted in unnecessary fear. And so we are invited to think beyond these limiting types of questions in an intuitive reading in order to reap the most benefit.

So, what are the best kinds of questions to ask? They are those that welcome long-term learning as opposed to simplistic "yes" or "no" responses such as the winning lottery numbers or the exact location of your next job. These are answers to questions that limit our soul's growth. They're like candy with no nutritional value that lasts only seconds, and we're left wanting more. When it comes to true soul guidance from Spirit, we'll be taught to fish rather than just having fish handed to us. You've heard the saying, and it applies here.

Most importantly we have free will, and Spirit must honor this. Spirit does not (unfortunately) wish to give us the detailed playbook of our lives. Afterall, we're here to live independently (free will) and learn and evolve by our own choices. In addition, the winning lottery numbers are conditional things, and the location of our next job can also change depending on our moment to moment actions, desires, feelings, etc. We all have free will, and we're free to make our own choices; Nothing is set in stone. Finally, Spirit is unconditionally loving of us and EVERYTHING we do, regardless of which path we choose. Spirit frankly does not care which path we choose because all paths are spiritually "good," and all paths provide fodder for our soul's learning. Yes, some paths may be harder than others, but that does not make them "worse" or bad" in the eyes of Spirit.

So, what kinds of responses honor our free will? Those that provide lasting lessons for our personal growth and development. These lessons are rooted in our karmic goals in this lifetime, which Spirit well knows. These goals likely do not change easily during our lifetime. And so, these overarching lessons are VERY practical and useful (even if they at first seem cliched or difficult to hear). They can help us independently sketch a road map with which we can find that wonderful job or romantic partner.

Lets look at an example: A client asks, "Where will I meet my next lover?" This is a great example of a limiting question. First, we can see what's really beneath this question: A normal fear of never meeting a lover. This question alone reveals that the client longs for a new lover, and so next we can embrace the likelihood that a new lover can indeed be encountered when the client sets the intention to meet someone, honors that intention, and aligns themself energetically to becoming a lover magnet! To become that magnet, the client will need to work on some things. So therefore, the most practical and ideal question for the session becomes, "how can I prepare for my next lover?" THIS is the sort of question that Spirit delights in and will respond to with loving abundance. Do you see and FEEL the difference in the energy between the two questions? One is open hearted, and the other is masking a fear. Fear based questions result in very little feedback from Spirit. I like to think of it all as the result of a perfect mentorship in which the mentor (Spirit) knows EXACTLY what we need to succeed.

I hope this helps you prepare for your next spiritual intuitive or psychic reading, either with me or someone else. Readings truly are a co-created experience between the intuitive and client, and the type of questions you prepare can help create an enjoyable and deeply personal experience!

Much love,


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