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Sing More, Worry Less

By Stephanie DeFazio

At the end of every year, I write down goals for the upcoming new year. A recurring goal over the past year for me has been "more singing, less worrying." Little did I know how significant that would be for me right now in these more anxious times.

I've always gravitated towards songs from musicals, and after belting out several of these upbeat tunes this past week, I noticed immediately that my spirit felt lighter, less anxious, and less focused on the things I cannot control. So, I have continued to sing every day to help keep my own anxieties about all that is happening at bay.

Singing has been known to lift us up, and raise our vibrations. This happens because our voice production is located in our throat chakra, the core of where we express our true voice and creativity. The voice is known as the gatekeeper to the spirit. So, basically, our voice connects to our heart and our mind. We are vibrating beings and our voice is a vibration. So, our energy is enhanced by the sounds we make with our voices.

There is a healing power in singing, as the practice of it is directly connected to breathing. Living in these crazy, heightened times can leave us feeling tight and short of breath, so singing helps us breathe better, express our emotions and release our worries. It is important, for our own sanity, to prevent our throat chakra from being blocked with stress and worry. That way, our ability to express our emotions won't be negatively impacted.

Are you not a singer or feel you don't have the "gift"? I encourage you to sing anyways! It's not about singing in perfect tune, it's about embracing who you are and expressing your own unique voice. I have attested to how it truly helps heal and calm the soul during these challenging times.

Looking for more ways to raise your vibration and heal your soul? Join Creative Spirit's Soul Studio online workshops, starting on Wednesday, April 1st, 6-8pm. You can learn more and register here.

Keep on singing my friends!

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