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Welcome to the Soul Studio!

a series of ONLINE workshops and webinars intended to stir creativity, inner peace, and self-awareness

We hope you'll join us for one or all of these workshops.  May they be a potent medicine

for your heART during these uncertain times.  Sending you much Love and Light! 

Wednesdays, 6pm-8pm (see individual workshop dates below)

Fee:  $25/workshop

All workshops will be held online via Zoom.

Participants do not need to have a Zoom account;  A laptop or desktop computer with camera/microphone is required; Zoom access links will be emailed to participants before each workshop.

All workshops require common "household" supplies. 

Please read below to see which supplies are necessary for each workshop.


Wednesday, May 13


Instructor:  Peyton Pugmire

All around in nature are beautiful landscapes which are mirrored within our soul. From the ocean to the mountains, landscapes provide symbolic guidance and affirmation on where we are along life’s journey. In this workshop, we will harness the powers of both creativity and nature to connect with our inner landscape through guided meditation, intuitive drawing, and writing. We also will connect with guidance from the four directions. Participants will gain deeper awareness of themselves and leave feeling more connected to their personal life journey.


Required supplies:  Blank white paper (notebook paper is fine), pen or pencil, crayons/markers/colored pencils



Wednesday, June 3


Instructor:  Christina Frei

You are a heart-centered leader and creative soul. These days, helping others can be exhausting. How about a little break to find your center and re-energize?  In this workshop, you will be introduced to a playful, creative 10-minute daily mindset practice to reclaim your joy and generosity, especially while in service to others. We will do lots of imagination play, breathing, journaling, and sharing about your inner explorations, all while learning the Generosity Practice.  You will walk away with a soul-affirming way to start your day in joyful service to others.

Required Supplies:  Blank white paper, pen/pencil


Optional Supplies:  crayons or markers


Wednesday, May 20


Instructor:  Peyton Pugmire

The beautiful combination of haiku poetry and brush illustration – this is the Japanese art form known as haiga. In this workshop, however, we will take creative license and re-imagine this art form by combining haiku with intuitive collage. Inspired by what is in our heart, we will work swiftly and intuitively to create mini works of collage. We then will connect to the story of each one to compose concise haiku poems for each collage. Sharing of each personal creation will conclude our time together. Participants will leave with a handful of completed haiga and renewed creative trust, play and inspiration!


Required Supplies:  Blank white paper (the sturdier the better, but any should do), a handful of favorite magazines, scissors, glue or tape, pen/pencil


Wednesday, May 27


Instructor:  Amy Tate Berenson

You have a lot on your plate these days:  your job (or lack thereof), family, finances, meals . . . all while dealing with the underlying stress, worry and planning around your own and other’s health and future. Are you feeling less-than-capable, overwhelmed, under-motivated and ultimately, disappointed with yourself? Did you know that in a time of crisis and uncertainty, your Inner Critic goes into high gear—attempting to stop you in your tracks! You can overcome this Voice, keep it at bay, and uncover the motivation to move forward! There is a proven defensive tool that helps you overcome your inertia—and I want to teach it to you. Demystify this inner gremlin and learn how to depower “it”, to create the work, the relationships, and the life you want—even in these difficult times and beyond.  At this webinar, you will hear how the Critic operates in our lives, learn how you get control of the Critic, acquire a technique to minimize its impact, and activate your motivation to stop procrastinating and move ahead. 


Required Supplies:  Paper for notetaking, pen/pencil

pugmire_0910 SMALL.jpg

Peyton Pugmire

Workshop Instructor

Peyton strives to live as authentically, creatively, and spiritually as possible, and he is passionate about inspiring others to do the same.  Peyton holds a BA degree in Theatre Performance and a MA degree in Theatre Education.  He has held leadership positions with The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and the Watertown Children’s Theatre. Peyton is an accomplished teacher, actor, theatre director and trained painter, as well as a spiritual intuitive, Certified Angel Card Reader, and certified Integrated Energy Therapist (IET).  He has trained extensively in drama therapy and psychodrama, as well as meditation, and shamanism.


Amy Tate Berenson

Workshop Instructor

With an MBA and 20+years experience in non- and for-profit worlds, Amy is a Certified Professional Coach who helps individuals reach their dreams by exploring their potential and passions. Using the phone, internet or face-to-face discussions, she offers grounded, non-judgmental and collaborative coaching. With a home office on the north shore of Boston, Amy also sings soprano in the Old North Festival Chorus, plays indoor badminton and sails the waters off Marblehead MA as often as possible. Her specialty is working with motivated adults ready for a more fulfilling life. She lives her dream – a life of purpose and service – every day and helps clients do the same.


Christina Frei

Workshop Instructor

Christina Frei is a branding and marketing expert that has been featured on Today Show and NBC News. Having worked with clients like Cisco and Adaptec at a marketing company in Palo Alto, she has developed a proprietary process that identifies Innate Marketing Genius in business owners, based on 2 world-wide field studies she conducted. She also created the mindset tool, Generosity Practice, a 10-minute daily practice to operate from your deepest why in service to others.  All her clients use it to go big and change lives.