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How To Manifest Your Dreams

By Stephanie DeFazio

I love Peyton’s description of being fully yourself that’s from his Intuitive Readings page on Creative Spirit's website. He says that being fully yourself is being aligned with your life purpose, fulfilling what your heart desires, and manifesting positivity and positive changes in your life. This all sounds amazing, but seems a little challenging sometimes, right? When you think of manifesting something in your life, you imagine that you would need to be some kind of wizard or magician or maybe just win the lottery to make your dreams possible. Well, actually, this is not true. This magic is already inside of you, just as I explained in my last blog post.

But how does manifestation work? It’s really as simple as setting an intention, which includes writing down your dream, meditating on it, and then speaking it out to the Universe. Don’t believe me? What if I told you that I’ve seen it happen to me recently, as recent as a month ago? For nearly a decade, and at the beginning of each year, I make my own goals/dreams list for the new year. My list includes dreams as basic as getting more involved with volunteering or saving a specific amount of money. And sometimes, it’s a little more than that, like wanting to meet one of my favorite male singers!

That dream was written down as the last one on my list, pretty much on a whim of pure faith, but it was truly something I had wanted to happen for about five years. I literally wrote down, “Meet (favorite singer's name). It’s happening.” That bold, “it’s happening” part became the powerful catalyst that lead this dream all the way to manifestation. I have to preface that I didn't even think going to this singer’s concert was even going to be possible, as the tickets they were first selling were a bundled Mega ticket that included several other shows at the venue, and I couldn’t afford to spend $250. Then, all of a sudden, Live Nation had a sale going on for National Concert week, and what do you know, my favorite singer was included in that list of artists honoring that promotion (how about that Universe, huh?).

Well, it turns out that I didn’t have to get the really cheap seats, but there were other seats available that were a bit closer and only in the $40-$50 range. Totally doable! So, I purchased a few tickets, and then I realized that my dream of meeting him was all of a sudden even more possible. Yes, I joined his fan club for $10 and had the chance to enter a lottery to win a meet-and-greet pass for his concert. A week before the concert, I kept talking about it with family and friends like it was happening.

In my mind, it was just a matter of when I would be receiving an email notification from his fan club that I won! With this faith and assurance, there was nothing that could stop me from manifesting this.

And then, "Bam," it happened...I got that email! What was even better is that when I was rushing to the line for the meet-and-greet before the concert, (which I almost missed the whole experience entirely because I was running late), I soon realized that the end of the line was actually the best spot. It was the Universe again making a way! I got to hang out there longer, which meant I got to watch him interact with other fans, and also calm my nerves a bit. I even got to chat with him a few seconds longer, as the management team that was taking our photo asked us to stay in pose to retake it! So, it was a great experience and I’m still riding high off of that manifestation because it has made me realize that the things that seem so ridiculous and impossible can actually happen. You just have to keep believing it and giving it the power to happen. You can check out my Instagram story about my experience here!

This year may be more than half over, but what dreams do you have before it ends? What’s been stirring inside of you? I encourage you to write it all down, say a little prayer, and believe it with all your heart that it will happen and come together at the right time. Then sit back, take a breath, and watch as your dreams come true!

If you're in need of some more inspiration, check out Creative Spirit's fun lineup of classes for the Summer!

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