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Autumn Equinox: A Time for Balance and New Beginnings

By Stephanie DeFazio

Yesterday marked the start of the Autumn equinox, which in Latin, means "equal night," with 12 equal hours of light and darkness. According to astrology, it is the beginning of Libra season, which is all about finding balance. Get in that rhythm that brings you the most happiness.

From a spiritual perspective, the Autumn equinox is a time of harvest and a time of death. With the concept of death, it means simply letting things go that no longer serve our highest good, and releasing what's been holding us back so that we can step forward into a new season, a time for harvesting growth within ourselves.

Do you have dreams that you intended to happen for 2019? Think about the growth you have seen from planting those dreams in the first place and how much closer you are to seeing those dreams come true. Just as the leaves are changing, we are changing too. Choose to believe that your life is one of abundance and not of lack. With only a few months left in the year, move forward in confidence and embrace all that you desire in life!

Be mindful, grateful, and present. Disconnect from your phone and go take a walk to embrace the beauty of the foliage. Meditate or practice yoga, or start out fresh by making a list of new things you want to accomplish for the Fall. Do these things and you'll come out of Fall feeling renewed, reborn, and refreshed!

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