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Winter Welcomes Us: A Channeled Message

Today, December 21, 2018, is the Winter Solstice - the end of fall and the beginning of the winter season. There are some hefty planetary shifts occurring at the moment, but I admit the astrological details, facts and figures are completely unknown to me! I do know and trust, however, that the planets are shifting and re-aligning for the good of the Universe and our planet so that they may continue evolving and functioning for our Highest Good.

We have the opportunity to shift now, too! Each season is an opportunity to begin new life patterns, which are inspired by nature. Consider each season's temperature and animal and plant behaviors. They all are providing us a template on how to behave for the coming months.

Winter welcomes us into a new way of being. Like the trees and plants, we, too, are invited inward into a seemingly "dormant" state. In this state, we are not "dead." No! Not all all! Rather, we are so alive and connecting with the vibrancy of our inner state. A re-birthing is initiated within each of us, and in the spring, we will give "birth." This can take the shape of many things: New relationships, new job, new creative projects, etc. But first, we must allow the inner growth to occur in the winter months. We nurture our dreams, as this creative energy bubbles and grows.

"This is actually a time for withdrawal from other activities, so that we can give birth to the light within our own darkness." - Ted Andrews, Nature-Speak

Andrews also shares that the Divine Feminine power within each of us awakens this season, helping "to bring peace to the soul and new birth to inner potentials." Our "Inner Light is kindled." Despite its cold and "life-less" appearance, winter is actually a VERY vibrant period! In this season, the veil is thin between us and the angelic realm, and the magic of nature is increased. We can benefit from these circumstances, if we so choose!

Over the past week, I have been connecting with my Divine Council (my guardian angels, spirit guides, etc.) and the Archangels to learn what it wishes for us during this new season. Here is what they shared with me:

"The Winter Solstice is a time for quiet. A period of withdrawing and going within for the sake of purification of one's heart and soul. Connect on the inside, dear ones. Not without. Connect inside to your inner, glowing truth and no one else's. This is where your greatest strength lies. Like a candle glowing bright and strong, so does your inner truth - forever accessible at all times. Go within, and strengthen during these winter months, for in winter, when it is cold outside, it is warm and vibrant within. Your joys, your pain, your curiosity...these are worth connecting with for knowledge, self examination, and Divine Progress. Connect with all parts within, and move forward with what you learn there. Now is the time to relax and go within. As nature lies dormant, you may go within, too. And rest. And restore. This is the time!"

This morning during my meditation, they also showed me images of a beautiful roaring fireplace, in front of which so many of us enjoy sitting and staring at the flames. There is a reason for this fascination, they revealed to me: The fire's flames are a mirror of our inner truth, life, and vibrancy. They then showed me an image of a person dancing in the flames - as a flame itself - and in this fire dance, we burn off the old to make way for the new - new life, new patterns, new birth!

I wish each of you a peaceful winter season filled with self-love and inward journeying. May you connect with your truth and dance with the flames! For in the spring, we will surely give birth to new energies, which we will cultivate and honor in these months to come.


Stay warm.

Love and Light,

Peyton Pugmire

Spiritual Intuitive and Creative Spirit Owner/Founding Director

To schedule an intuitive reading with Peyton Pugmire, please contact Peyton by clicking HERE

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