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The Power of Vision Boards

By Stephanie DeFazio

Now that we are a few weeks into 2020, it's time to start setting the intention to manifest all of your dreams for the year! What is the best way to do this though? Well, there's always "the list," noting all the details of what you want to manifest. However, there is another option that holds a bit more power: a vision board.

Why is it so important to handcraft your own vision board? First of all, it's a visual reminder everyday to stay positive and dream big. It is also something that aligns with what you most want to attract into your life, the ultimate representation of the "law of attraction." There is a certain sense of accomplishment when completing your own vision board. You are taking the time to set intentions for what you actually want and then you get to find out what happens.

I'm excited to be attending Creative Spirit's Vision Boarding with the Angels later this month! Not only will I get to make a new vision board (I haven't made one for about 10 years), but I will also get to experience the angelic support from Archangel Gabriel. Peyton will guide participants through a powerful meditation that will ensure our intentions and dreams, represented through our vision boards, will be surrounded by Divine Love and Light.

Believe it or not, Archangel Gabriel is actually known as the "Archangel of Vision" as well as creativity. As an archangel who brings visions, and helps connect us with our Higher Purpose, this all relates to the current Winter Solstice, which happens to be a significant time to seek out that purpose.

So, when we create our own vision boards, we are meeting the angelic realm half way on our end, boldly asking for what we desire most through the selection of images and phrases that resonate with us. Although it may seem that we are being imaginative or unrealistic, what's really happening is we are opening the doors to all the possibilities, sending out positive vibes that you believe all these great "visions" are going to come true.

Are you ready to get creative and set the intention for an amazing 2020? Come join me for an unforgettable afternoon with our visions and the angelic realm!

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