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Reinventing the Journey of Oz

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

By Chris Neiman

"It's All About the Shoes"

All of us know of Dorothy’s tale: tossed by fate into a magical landscape, pursuing her goal through a myriad of adventures.  She lands back where she started, only she is changed — and so is her perception of her world.

In the same way, we all find ourselves mystified, delighted, and sometimes overwhelmed when Life tosses us into new experiences.  There we find new dimensions of ourselves, meeting wonderful or frightening or confusing situations and people.  How do we navigate those turbulent times?  I know for myself that anything that I do that supports my connection to Spirit and to others, helps me to survive and integrate new and challenging experiences. 

In this painting exposition, I have created my own version of Dorothy’s journey, exploring metaphysical and whimsical variations, bringing my own life experiences to her Hero’s Journey. The Strawman uses Tai Chi to increase his mental Chi; the Tinman meditates on opening his heart; and Dorothy, the Evil Witch, and the Good Witch compare shoes. 

I invite you to journey with me and with Dorothy and her friends in this visual reinvention of Dorothy’s travels, at Creative Spirit!

Reinventing the Journey of Oz

November 30, 2019-January 7, 2020

About Chris Neiman

When I create art, I love the adventure of exploring the intersection between the human and the divine.  I seek to express the contradiction and dance of opposites: the real and unreal, the seen and unseen, the infinite Self and the finite body.

I start each painting with a clear point of departure, an inspiration from a specific event, experience, or perception. Meditations, dreams, poems, musings and conversations all tend to work their ways into my paintings. Sometimes (the fun times), inspiration takes off on its own, and the painting and I end up in new and unexpected cosmic landscapes. 

Many people describe my work as happy, spiritual, and meaningful. I always hope that a viewer feels a resonance with the magic of their own existence, a recognition of the Divine Journey, a glimpse into Big Magic, a reminder of the multiple potentialities we live in. 

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