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Refuge | A Poem by Peter Botteas

This poem emerged from Creative Spirit's recent writing workshop, Writing From Life (part II), led by author and teacher, Dr. Allan Hunter.

Refuge The place I started was

not the outside,

not the pathway,

not the door

It was the perch,

the living,

the refuge,

the heights.

It was the place

to observe the boats,

the sea,

the creases of the waves,

changing each instant

The place not readily entered

from without,

yet where light resides,

music lives,

and colours bloom

Where winds batter

and rains drive.



About Peter Bottéas

Since taking up residence in Marblehead in 2018, Peter has become an enthusiastic supporter of local artistic and creative life, and has participated in various workshops at Creative Spirit. After many years working as a translator, editor, and educator in Montréal, Peter came to the U.S. in 2002 to retrain as a psychotherapist. He has recently returned to his first loves: literary translation and poetry, and Greek poetry set to music. He is multilingual, frequently does public performances of poetry with writer and scholar Vassiliki Rapti in New York and Cambridge, occasionally does voice-over work, and is an avid knitter.   

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1 Comment

Dylan Weeks
Dylan Weeks
Sep 25, 2022

This was a lovely blog post

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