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My 10 Principles of Intuitive Reading

Each day I strive to live my life intuitively - leading with my 'inner-knowing' - tuning into what feels right on an emotional level - and trusting my instinctive thoughts. And - oh yeah! - trusting Spirit to co-create my experiences.

I've been on this path since coming out of the closet as a gay person in 1998. At that moment in my life, I finally decided to honor the stirrings and knowing that were within me, and since then that choice has blessed my life everyday. This experience inspired me to keep trusting my own feelings, thoughts, and inner wisdom. As an artist I also use this wisdom everyday to create what I see in my mind's eye. And, as a spiritual intuitive, I use my intuition to provide gentle guidance to those seeking it.

Another passion of mine is teaching others how to use their own powerful intuition. We all are born with it, and so its a matter of practicing and strengthening our intuitive (or psychic) 'muscles' to keep them strong and in shape. Its easy to forget to live intuitively and instead dwell primarily in our minds where we can get bogged down in fearful, obsessive, and self-defeating thinking. I believe that when we balance our living with regard to both our minds AND intuition, then we're bound for great joy and success!

I've identified 10 basic principles to intuitive reading. These have become apparent to me over the past 20 plus years while I've honed my skills, led sessions with my clients, and coached others to awaken their own intuitive gifts. I honor these principles every time I do a reading. They are described below, and I hope they will pique your curiosity about your own intuition.

1. Ethics - these have to do with the 'dos and don’ts' when reading for others.

They include ground rules (like refusing to read others who aren't present) and client guarantees including confidentiality.

2. Intention - As they say, "energy flows where the intention goes," and this is true when reading for others. My intention is ALWAYS to serve the Highest Good of my client.

3. Relationship with Spirit/Higher Source - Using my intuition for others is like making art in collaboration with Spirit (God, Divine Source, etc.). The information is coming from a divine place for my client's Highest Good, and I am a channel for that guidance to come through. Spirit is steering the ship - not me.

4. Understanding the Form of Psychic Messages - Intuitive guidance emerges from within through our inner senses, and we can recognize them through what I refer to as our 'clairs:' clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairgustance (clear taste), claircognizence (clear thinking), and clairalience (clear smelling). When working intuitively, our first job is to understand how we perceive the messages through our clairs. And, of course, to then TRUST what we are sensing!

5. Sharing Messages - A key job of the reader is to share the intuitive messages in a complete and clear way so that the client understands them. I also want my client's to feel good when hearing the messages. Sharing messages requires my full faith and what I call 'intuitive vomit.' This means that I am going to share everything that I am sensing, even if the details sound totally bizarre and weird. As a matter of fact, those often are the most wonderful and accurate messages! When sharing messages I also keep in mind my ethics and intention (see above).

6. Overcoming Fear - When we choose to read for others, we become artists of faith. We must trust what is coming through. After all, there is no immediate proof of what we are sharing, and so there really are no other responsibilities than to just have faith and speak up. Its an 'all in or all out' practice. There is no room for fear. If we allow fear into the reading (fear of saying something weird or wrong) the whole point of intuitive sharing is missed. To help cultivate your faith, I recommend exploring your own spiritual beliefs and evaluating your understanding of a higher power (that has got your back!).

7. Preparation - Before meeting with a client, I take a moment in silence to breathe and relax. Our intuition needs gentleness and peace to do its job, so I settle down before my readings. I put on soft music, light a candle, and say some prayers to set intention and align with Spirit.

8. Session Structure - The structure of my readings are, well, intuitive, and they can change, but I always begin by sharing a little about how I do my intuitive 'thing'. I share my metaphor of painting and liken the session to me, as the intuitive artist, stepping up to a big blank canvas on which I'm going to sling some colorful paint. And we'll see what sticks! My sessions last for 45 minutes, and I use a timer (otherwise we could be there al day!). I also begin with a short prayer, and I end by summarizing all of the messages that came through.

9. Client Rapport - My number one goal is that each client feel safe and comfortable in my presence. When this positive environment is achieved, the session's benefits are instantly doubled. We all crave sacred space, and this is what I strive to create. I also do this by stating and honoring my ethics (see above), allowing conversation, having fun, and sprinkling the session with spiritual counseling.

10. Divination Tools - Finally, I love to use oracle cards, and I pull them out for the client towards the end of the session. Oracle cards are tools to engage our intuition, and my clients always enjoy seeing 'what's in the cards' for them. I suggest that they take photos of their cards to examine later.

If you are interested in booking an intuitive reading (in-person or Zoom) or learning how to use your own powerful intuition you can click here! Thank you for reading.

Written by Peyton Pugmire, artist, teacher, guide

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