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Love Notes to Myself: You are Enough

By Susyn Reeve

When I was 14 years old, I wrote in my diary, What would the world be like if everyone Loved themselves? Now 56 years later, from my personal experience and having worked with thousands of clients, committed to living a life of passion and purpose grounded in Love, it is empowering to remember that:

  • Our relationship with ourselves forms the blueprint for all the relationships in our lives.

  • Our thoughts, charged with emotional energy, spoken of with authority, and acted on with conviction (faith) creates our reality.

  • Forgiving and Letting Go of the wounds of the past strengthens and deepens our capacity to be mighty expressions of Love in the world.

  • The wisdom of our heart, our intuition, our connection with Loving Source Energy is our best guide.

  • Having an ever-evolving Loving relationship with ourselves requires daily nourishment – sometimes multiple times during a day!

Take a moment to say these words aloud and notice your experience with each:


Daily Power Statement

Love Notes to Myself

Why Love Notes?

During the past four years, I have been writing daily Love Notes to Myself. While they look the same as an affirmation, or daily power statement, by naming them Love Notes my heart opens.

From as early as I can remember, I have loved getting love notes. Sometimes it's in the form of a love letter, and other times it's a post-it-note waiting for me to find it, a text, or a loving phone message. The messages warm my heart, often bring a smile to my face, sometimes tears to my eyes, and are always nourishment for healthy, vibrant self-esteem.

Four years ago, amidst heartbreak, I realized that I clearly needed a daily dose of Love to get me through the day, since I was not going to be getting daily love messages from my beau. I began to write in my journal each morning a brief Love Note. Here are some examples:

  • I Love Me.

  • I Am Worthy.

  • I Am Beautiful, inside and out.

  • I allow my heart to guide my head.

  • I Am a mighty expression of Love.

  • I trust the wisdom of my Heart.

  • I Love my body.

  • I Am a good-vibe generator.

  • Fear is an invitation to make a new choice.

There were days when my reaction to the Love Notes was disbelief. On those days, I’d write the message ten times, allowing myself the time to actually digest the words. I noticed that during the day my Love Note message would pop into my mind at the perfect moment.

One afternoon, after a difficult conversation that left me feeling defeated, judged, and criticized, I reached for my journal and began to read the Love Notes I’d written to myself during the past month. After reading the first two, I slowed down and read each word aloud, allowing myself to hear, and after a few minutes, to feel the message of the note. My energy changed. My attitude changed. No longer feeling victimized by the conversation I’d had earlier, I asked myself, What would Love do here? The response, from the wisdom of my heart was immediate, Forgive yourself for taking the opinion of others personally.

Starting that day, in the daily messages I send to clients, I changed the words Daily Power Statement to Love Notes to Myself. I had cards printed with simple and powerful messages and began to purposely leave them places and give them to clients and workshop participants. The cards morphed into the creation of my personal Love Notes to Myself art journal that is on my bedside table. I reach for it when I need a dose of Love to remind me that I Am a mighty expression of Love. Whenever I travel, it joins me too!

Messages of Love are a precious gift. While I continue to love receiving loving messages from others, my Love Notes to Myself are a reliable source of nourishment that never lets me down.

Take a moment right now, and write a Love Note to yourself.

Susyn Reeve’s life has been informed by a question written in her journal when she was 14 years old, What would the world be like if everyone Loved themselves?  While she has been creative much of her life, painting and creating art journals are new creative expressions that have ignited her passion and delight. She is a master Heart Healing coach with a wealth of experience as a Corporate Consultant & Executive Coach, Self-Esteem Expert, InterFaith Minister, and award-winning author. Her books include:  Heart Healing:  The Power of Forgiveness to Heal a Broken Heart, The Whole Hearted Life:  Big Changes and Greater Happiness Week by Week, and The Inspired Life:  Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy. Susyn is honored to be on the Advisory Board of Creative Spirit, Marblehead, MA. ( & @hearthealingwisdom)

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