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Intuition: We All Have It!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

By Stephanie DeFazio

Have you ever had that "gut feeling" about something? Maybe you knew something was going to happen or what someone was going to say before they said it. I was at the hair salon recently and in my mind, I was thinking about how I wanted tea, and one of the attendants came up to me and specifically asked me if I wanted tea. I told her, "You know what? I was literally just thinking about how I wanted tea! What kind of tea do you have?" We both thought that was such a strange and weird occurrence, but in reality, this is just one incident out of many that we experience all the time, because, deep down, believe it or not, we are all innately intuitive.

Renowned psychic medium, Laura Lynne Jackson, was featured on a recent Goop podcast, titled, Are We All Psychic? She basically shared that "we are all born psychic with the ability to connect to each other." We do have to tune into our own senses though to fully develop our intuition. Tuning in could mean anything from reading energy, seeing symbols, experiencing feelings or sensations, or hearing phrases. Laura refers to our core psychic senses as the “clairs":

Clairvoyance, clear-seeing/psychic vision: Also referred to as the inner eye or inner vision.

Clairaudience, clear-hearing or having a thought pop in that's not your own: It's like that still small voice inside that we cannot explain.

Claircognizance, clear-knowing that you cannot explain. When we have this knowingness, it prompts us to make decisions that end up leading us along the right path and away from the wrong one!

Clairsentience, intuitively clear-feeling someone else’s vibe. You know when you first meet someone, and you just feel this vibe that they're going to be your best friend? Yup, that's this feeling!

How do we truly tap into all of this? We have to actually commit to practicing these abilities. And before we do that, we have to open our minds and our hearts to be a recipient of those signs and messages.

Creative Spirit is offering Psychic Development Circle workshops that meet once a month, with the next one on Tuesday, February 7th. In this circle, you will strengthen your psychic awareness and learn how to open as a channel to receive and share divine guidance for yourself and others. Each session will include guided meditation, establishment of sacred space, psychic receiving and sharing, and other developmental exercises. 

Beyond the experience of expanding our intuitive abilities, why is it so important to share it with others? Laura Lynne Jackson explains that our mission in life is not just about ourselves, including our successes and failures. Our mission is how we are interconnected with other people, how our thoughts align, how our intuition aligns. We are here to collectively learn about love and that is what our intuition helps reveal. Amazing, huh?

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