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I Know of a Magical Spot...

Every so often I'm lucky to discover a very special place - a magical sanctuary - in nature. They fill me with goodness, inspiration, and joy...and these are exactly what you can receive when you visit my friend Ellen's Global Joy Garden in Marblehead, MA - a hidden gem right in my (and maybe your) backyard. All are welcome to Ellen's garden to visit independently or in small groups. You can even rent the garden for retreats and healing workshops, classes, and sessions.

"It is designed to be a place of peace, joy, respite, re-balancing, relaxation, play and being yourself. A place where you have space and time to be and do what you wish for your heart and soul to be nourished." - Ellen Epstein

The garden is a wondrous place, filled with lush plants and flowers, herbs and vegetables, stone paths, labyrinth, enchanted statuary, a pond and waterfall, instruments to play, bubbles to blow, crystals, stained glass sculptures, art supplies, a fire pit, and a small cottage-like studio where you can relax even more deeply in the tranquility of the property. Ellen's garden truly is a healing place.

"It is a sanctuary where you are free to experience every sensation your heart desires without judgment or shame." - Ellen Epstein

My favorite garden activities are walking the upper path, sitting by the pond and listening to the small waterfall, drawing and coloring, and lying down in the cool studio. I can feel the presence of Spirit, the angels, and the fairies. They are there, and if you tune in, you, too, will feel them.

"It is called the Global Joy Garden because I work with invisible Masters, called the Global Joy Team, who have been guiding me to create this garden and sanctuary for over 10 years so that people can enjoy it." - Ellen Epstein

Ellen's garden is something so special to experience. Created with Love for Love, it will bring joy to your heart and peace to your entire being! I recommend a visit if you are in the area; You'll be so happy you stopped by. You can contact Ellen and learn more by visiting her website HERE.

written by Peyton Pugmire; Photos by Peyton Pugmire

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