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Dreams Come True in 2020!

By Stephanie DeFazio

Happy New Year everyone!

Can you believe we just entered a new decade? For those who didn't go out to ring in the new year (yes, I'm admitting I dozed off before midnight), it probably just felt like another day started, let alone another decade!

From a numerology standpoint, the year 2020 is a big deal. I received an email from recently that basically said this is the year that all of our dreams will come true! The reason behind this is that 2020 is a "4" Universal year. This number comes from adding the numbers of 2020: 2+0+2+0=4. In numerology, the number 4 holds the power of manifestation. With this "20/20" vision, the sky is the limit in manifesting whatever you desire most.

What goals and intentions are you manifesting for 2020? More self-love? Stronger relationships? A new career? Something fun and adventurous off your "bucket list"? Whatever it may be, this is the year to really make it happen!

So if you've experienced some doubts, fears, or setbacks over the past couple years, don't let those hold you back from your true potential and what's to come this year. Step right into the "unknown" with confidence. While you focus on manifesting your dreams, stay in the present moment and don't try to rush things along. That's so important on this journey of manifestation because it keeps anxieties at bay which helps you attract those big dreams.

Looking for ways to dig deep and tune into those dreams so you can set the intention for a fabulously amazing year? Check out Creative Spirit's offerings for the first few months of 2020!

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