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"Come Out Everyday:" What Does This Mean to You?

At its 1 year anniversary celebration and ribbon cutting event on Thursday, June 20, Creative Spirit will be "unveiling" a big campaign that will unify Creative Spirit's work over the coming year and beyond.  The name of the campaign is Come Out Everyday (or in social media terms, #comeouteveryday).  This phrase will help further express why Creative Spirit exists and what I believe we each are capable of doing each day.  The phrase "come out" typically is used in relation to the LGBTQ community, specifically in terms of one's public announcement of his or her homosexuality, etc., but I wish to help evolve this term to apply to everyone.  After all, all of us - gay or not - possess dreams and truths, which we long to express out loud.  

Enjoy this video, including members of Creative Spirit's community sharing what the phrase "come out everyday" means to them!

Thank you for your support, heart, and courage!


Peyton Pugmire, Creative Spirit owner and Founding Director

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