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A Little Pumpkin Therapy

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I, like most folks, become obsessed with pumpkins this time of the year. They are my go-to fall decoration, and pumpkin spice is my number one autumn flavor. Halloween is right up there with Christmas; I've loved the holiday since I was a kid. It's an absolute magical and mysterious time of the year, plus a little spooky. I mean, who doesn't love a good, healthy scare around Halloween? It's great for the heart!

"Feeling THIS good over the bright orange gourd has GOT to be therapeutic! Right??"

Pumpkins have become an object of joy, and I'll go as far to say that they've even become an object of comfort...AND anything pumpkin flavored is total edible comfort! I feel child-like joy when I spot the grocery store's first display of pumpkins in October. The cooler temperatures and the obscene abundance of pumpkin-flavored delicacies add to this seasonal elation. Feeling THIS good over the bright orange gourd has GOT to be therapeutic! Right?? So, I'm embracing the term "pumpkin therapy." It's real, y'all, and its healing for the soul!

"These twenty activities are also GREAT to do with children or with a fellow pumpkin-obsessed friend."

As we journey through my favorite season of the year, I'd like to suggest some pumpkin-related activities that you can try for a healthy dose of pumpkin therapy (or "PT"...? Not meant, however, to replace any prescribed physical therapy). These twenty activities are also GREAT to do with children or with a fellow pumpkin-obsessed friend.

  1. Go pumpkin picking with friends and family.

  2. Gather some friends and carve jack o' lanterns (and then roast the seeds).

  3. Paint a pumpkin (a lot less messy than carving).

  4. Decorate your house, office, and yard with real or artificial pumpkins.

  5. Bake a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread (my favorite recipe HERE!).

  6. Make easy pumpkin pudding (my favorite recipe HERE!).

  7. Treat yourself to a pumpkin-spice coffee or latte (or martini or beer!).

  8. Get artsy and paint, draw or collage a pumpkin.

  9. Go on a pumpkin-spice buying rampage at the super market.

  10. Watch "Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" (a classic!).

  11. Purchase and burn a pumpkin-spice scented candle.

  12. Wear orange (and also awaken your sacral chakra while you're at it!).

  13. Journal Entry #1: Pumpkins symbolize transition and movement into the darker season of winter. Write about your own current transitions and inner exploration.

  14. Journal Entry #2: Jack o' lanterns are carved and lit to ward off evil spirits. Write about your own beliefs in spirits and ghosts - good OR bad!

  15. Tell ghost stories gathered around lit jack o' lanterns.

  16. Write an acrostic poem using the word PUMPKIN. If you'd like, illustrate your poem. Learn more about acrostic poems HERE!

  17. Write a haiku poem about pumpkins. My preferred haiku structure is five syllables (first line), seven syllables (second line), and five syllables (third line).

  18. Sit quietly and meditate with your pumpkin. Tune in to your inner imagery and 'see' what unfolds from within!

  19. Find a pumpkin shaped container, such as a cookie jar or trick-or-treat bucket. Place it on your dining room table, and each day write down a dream or goal. Fold the paper and drop it in the pumpkin. Now, sit back, and allow the pumpkin to work its magic in manifesting your dreams!

  20. Go on a pumpkin hunt through your neighborhood by foot or on bike, and enjoy the variety of pumpkin displays.

Enjoy! Happy pumpkin-ing!

Written by Peyton Pugmire, founder of Creative Spirit and certified hypnotherapist, spiritual intuitive, and lover of all things pumpkin.

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