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Vision Boarding with the Angels

Instructor: Peyton Pugmire

Sunday, January 26, 1pm-5pm

Fee:  $85


Embrace your dreams for the new year and creatively take action with the angels! 


A vision board is a powerful, handmade tool used in manifesting your dream life. When you make a vision board you become crystal clear on what you want — and you connect with the possibilities!  Seeing your board every day aligns you with the outcomes you most want to attract.


Spend a RELAXING and MAGICAL afternoon making your vision board (using a variety of craft supplies and magazines) and connecting with the LOVING angelic realm, which will assist us in identifying our highest goals for the new year.  In addition to making a vision board, participants will be guided through a powerful meditation designed to invoke the angels and surround us in uplifting Divine Love and Light. 


All supplies are provided.  Participants will leave with a completed vision board, knowledge of how to create them at home, understanding of how vision boards work, and clarity around their heart’s desires! 

Past Participant Testimonials

“I lost all concept of time!”


“The non-judgmental atmosphere inspired me to feel free to create.”


“My greatest take-away was to keep envisioning what I want, be kind to myself and make all my "self talk" positive which will continue to bring positivity into my life. What you think about you bring about!”


“My vision board not only allowed me to visualize my intentions, but also gave me answers.”