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Space Clearings

Feel positive and lighter in your space! 

About the Ceremony


Our personal spaces – where we live, relax, work, and create – are sanctuaries where we should feel positive, safe, and inspired.  However, our spaces can fill with energies that don’t always serve our highest good – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


A room can take on varied qualities of energy over time.  Ever walked into a room and felt a “bad vibe?”  In that moment, you are sensing the room’s current energy.  There are many possible reasons for a space’s negative, lower, or “stale” energy, and some common ones include:  a previous argument, depression, sickness, and death.  Also, rooms absorb energy over time, and so the energy you’re picking up may not even be your own!  This is why space clearings are wonderful for new homes!  


A space clearing ceremony is a peaceful and sacred process that entails the use of various natural materials, such as dried sage and sea salt (all non toxic).  Peyton uses these items throughout the ceremony in intentional ways that maximize their power in bringing Love and Light back into your home.


Please note: The ceremony entails the safe burning of sage and other natural items.  This is called smudging.  A small amount of smoke is emitted.


Cost & Distance

  • $105 for first hour + $105 for each additional hour​ (billed after ceremony if necessary)

  • Peyton is able to perform clearings within a 15 mile range of Marblehead, MA.  Further distances, if possible, will incur an additional travel charge

Client Testimonials

"I turned to Peyton after I had a painful and highly emotional incident occur in my office. The negative energy surrounding that event was permeating an otherwise cheerful and lovely space. After Peyton came and performed his thoughtful, loving, and powerful ceremony, both me and my space felt cleansed.  Healed.  Lighter.  Better.  I am back to business as usual.  The energy and flow of kindness and optimism have returned. I am so grateful.  Highly recommend Peyton and his loving service." - Amy

"I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and do the energy clearing of our new home.  It was definitely a special experience for me that shifted and grounded my energy with the house…It is finally starting to feel like ours.  Thank you again for your loving energy and for holding space for us to comfortably enter into this new phase and journey in our lives. " - Katrina 

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