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 Regression Hypnotherapy F.A.Q.

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What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning that you are the only person who can hypnotize yourself.  I serve as a guide to facilitate your trance state and journey.  Under hypnosis, your state of consciousness moves below your conscious waking state, and you can then connect with your unconscious mind to tap forgotten memories.  You easily experience trance states throughout your day while watching TV, reading, daydreaming, and meditating.  Hypnosis is a natural state of being and anyone can be hypnotized.  


What is a past life regression (PLR)?


“Knowledge about every detail of our past remains deep in our unconscious mind – our memory extends back to the earliest beginnings of life, through our past lives from incarnations as the most primitive humans, up to the present time…Regression therapy is a process of returning to the past, re-living the experience, and removing the energy from old feelings and beliefs.  Re-living details of the experience leads to expression of the feelings and this in turn contributes to healing.”  – Alice. M. Givens, Ph.D.


During a PLR you will be hypnotized and guided to connect with past life memories that relate to a current life issue or concern.  You do not have to believe in reincarnation theory for your PLR to be effective.  Simply believing that your subconscious stores useful information is enough.       


It is possible to feel all kinds of emotions during your regression.  You are safe to feel and express everything.  If feelings such as sadness, fear, or anger emerge, you can safely release them to help create positive shifts in your current life.


What is a life between life regression (LBLR)?


A LBLR takes you back into your memories as a soul between lives when you reviewed past lives and made plans for your current life.  You may also encounter your spirit guides and soul mates – all of whom are assisting you in fulfilling your life purpose.  As you move into your spiritual consciousness your identity is expanded beyond any human limitations. You perceive yourself and your life through an elevated mindset that deepens understanding and releases conflicts.

Your LBLR entails visiting a specific sequence of past memories.  These include positive childhood memories, memories from within your mother's womb, immediate past life, and the life between life/spirit realm memories.  All will be visited during your LBLR.


Will I fall asleep?


Falling asleep is possible, but that is not the goal.  Hypnosis is a state between awake and asleep, in which you are aware of both the present moment and the inner mind.


Will I lose control under hypnosis?


No.  You are in complete control of what happens in your session.  Hypnosis cannot detach the ego; Therefore, you always are in control of your experience.  Your intentions determine what happens.  Again, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.


What will my session entail?


Your session will begin with an interview so that I may fully understand your goals and concerns.  Beforehand, identify a personal concern or issue that you would like to explore through your regression (one per session).  After the interview we will begin your regression.  Past life regressions last 3 hours, and life between life sessions last 4 hours.  For the sake of time and energy, we will schedule your LBL interview on a separate day from the regression.   


What happens after my session?


We will allow a very brief amount of time to discuss your experience.  If more time to process is desired, consider booking an integration session for a later date.  Be gentle with yourself and allow time to process your experience and what has emerged.  Consider the meaning of the stories, images, feelings, and thoughts that surfaced.  How do they relate to the present and your goal for the session?  Helpful ways to process and integrate the information include journaling, talking with someone, making art, and meditation.  Sometimes more sessions are helpful to further explore what emerged.


How do sessions work on Zoom?        


Arrange your space so that you may lie down comfortably with your laptop/camera positioned so that I can see you from the waist up.  Dim lighting might help you to feel relaxed.  Please make arrangements with friends and loved ones so that you will not be disturbed for the full duration of your session.  Please be sure to make arrangements for your pets, as well, since pets are likely distractions while under hypnosis.  You'll also need headphones with a mic (iPhone earbuds work just fine) and a blanket since your body temperature will drop slightly once you are relaxed.

How should I prepare for my in-person session?

Plan to arrive with an open heart and mind, nice and relaxed.  Wear comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle, if you'd like.  You may wish to bring a notebook and pen if you care to take notes before or after your regression.  You will be lying down on a massage table with a clean pillow and blanket.  

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