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Scheduling Your Night Out with Spirit

Scheduling is done one-on-one with Peyton by email.  Please click the "Schedule Your Night Out" button above, which will take you to our Contact page.  Peyton will be back in touch within 24 hours. 


Come hang with Peyton and the angels.  Loving guidance awaits!


Tired of the same old, night-out routine?  Looking for something new, meaningful, AND exciting?  Gather your friends for a Night Out with Spirit! 


For this unique experience, you will join spiritual intuitive Peyton Pugmire for an evening of channeled messages from Spirit and the angelic realm.  Each guest will receive personalized guidance, and the group will also be introduced to Peyton’s careful process of connecting with Spirit, including visualization and spiritual invocation.  This preparation ensures a guaranteed connection to Divine Love and Light.


To add to the enjoyment, guests are welcome to bring their own refreshments!  Inspiring conversation will flow throughout the time together, and guests can ask Peyton questions about channeling. 



  • Gatherings are 2 hours in length and can be scheduled for evenings (Wednesday – Sunday) and weekend afternoons.

Number of Guests

  • Groups must consist of 3-5 guests. 


Cost & Payment

  • $50/person 

  • In order to secure the date and time, full payment is due within 24 hours after scheduling the gathering.  

  • Refunds (partial and full) are possible up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled gathering.

Peyton Pugmire is the Founding Director of Creative Spirit and has been doing intuitive readings for nineteen years.  His work is rooted in Divine Love and Light, and he works closely with the Angelic Realm, primarily Archangel Michael, to receive gentle and soulful messages for his clients.  Peyton is also adept at using tarot, oracle, and angel cards, which he uses to help interpret the angels’ messages.  Primarily clairvoyant and clairaudient, Peyton “sees” and “hears” the messages, as they pertain to his client’s questions.  

Client Testimonials:

"Peyton has a real gift! His style was positive, peaceful, and came from a place of truth. I left feeling connected to my journey. It was an amazing experience!"   


“Peyton has always been spot on with exactly what I'm going through, and he has even relayed messages from my angels of exact thoughts I've had. I highly recommend him.”   


“I was delighted with the reading. The information fit me to a 'T'.”   

"So many things are spot on. It's powerful information and really in tune with what has been rolling around in my head. I will definitely be working with you again."


"Thank you for your wonderful insightful reading.  There is so much that resonates with me.  I am very grateful for the prayer work you did with Archangel Michael.  Thank you for the light and renewed energy you have shared in this reading."

"Thank you so much Peyton!  That took me beyond the moon!"

"Thank you so much for your time and gifts. This reading affirmed a lot for me, and that means so much."

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