Rev. James F. Ashton, CPC

Spiritual Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coaching

Complimentary Discovery Session: 30 Minutes

Coaching Package:  6 Sessions (1 hour/session)

Cost:  $600

Session format: Zoom

Spiritual life coaching provides a powerful container for individuals looking for transformative life coaching support in any area of their life. The spiritual component of this coaching model acknowledges that we have a deeper (soul-level) curriculum to our lives, which represents a journey back to our innate wholeness and divine nature. In most instances, when we invite this perspective into the coaching process, it allows for enhanced discovery, healing, and renewal.

Through exercises that tap the innate wisdom of the intuitive heart, clients are offered an opportunity to move beyond inherited beliefs so that they may reclaim lives filled with more joy, meaning and purpose.

Key coaching topic include relationships, family, career, health, finances, life purpose, and examining one’s spiritual life.


"James is very intuitive and can sense the energy you are emitting -  he then uses that knowledge to guide you towards what is just lying beneath the surface – to find those things that lie a bit deeper- where the answers are revealed.  What a gift to work with James."  - Matthew F.


James Ashton is an ordained interfaith minister, professional life coach, and workshop facilitator with a passion for helping people to unleash their own greatness. As a gifted coach, James works with individuals looking to enhance their intuitive guidance and their spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. As a student of psychology and interfaith spiritual studies for over a decade, James brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to his clients’ desires for positive change in their lives.

James is highly regarded for his professionalism, compassion for others, and innate ability to facilitate transformative learning and discussion. James was trained through the International Coach Federation certified program and was ordained through One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Rev. James F. Ashton, CPC