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Peyton Pugmire

Intuition Development Coach

Intuition Development Coaching

Session Package:  5 sessions (1 hour/session)

Cost: $475 for 5 sessions

Session Format: Zoom

Eager to strengthen your intuitive gifts, including channeling, mediumship, and divination?

Dreaming of launching your own intuitive business?

Aching to “come out” of the psychic closet?

Craving support and a personalized plan to help you succeed?

Working one-on-one with spiritual intuitive Peyton Pugmire will give you the confidence you desire to live a more satisfying, spiritually intuitive life and be of loving service to others. Peyton crafts each session to the needs and wishes of the client, and he is prepared to address myriad topics including:

  • Ethics 

  • Intention

  • Relationship with Spirit/Higher Source

  • Understanding the form of psychic messages

  • Overcoming fear

  • Sharing messages

  • Session preparation and structure

  • Client rapport

  • Divintation tools

  • Business marketing

  • And more!

Peyton will also arrange readings with kind and open-hearted volunteers for the client to experiment and practice their reading skills, all within in an ultra safe and fun environment. Constructive feedback and testimonials are then provided to the client for growth and future marketing!


"It has been an absolute blessing working with Peyton over the last few months. I could not have asked for a better mentor. He has been such a loving and encouraging presence in my life as I step into my own intuitive gifts. His insight, strong ethics and drive to serve are clearly evident in his work. These principles are invaluable examples to me as I move forward in my own practice. I encourage anyone looking for a breath-of-fresh-air to gift themselves the opportunity of a session with Peyton." - Rachel H.


Hi, I'm Peyton Pugmire. I was born to be a creative spirit - to live intuitively and authentically - and I love inspiring others to do the same.  Since coming out of the closet as a gay man in 1998, I’ve been addicted to coming out, in every way life can offer!  After all, I believe we are here to express ourselves fully and pursue our dreams.  I have been helping others do just that for over twenty years through teaching, guiding, and art making.

My work and studies in teaching, psychic connection, regression hypnotherapy, drama therapy, spirituality, the performing arts, and painting have empowered me to serve my clients in ways that are creative, healing, and deeply profound.  I look forward to working with you!

Peyton Pugmire
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