Lindsey Rose

Tarot Card Reader

Storyteller Tarot Readings

Cost: $65

Session Length: 30 minutes

Session Formats: Zoom or email

Lindsey's Availability:  Sunday evenings

Storyteller Tarot was created by Lindsey Rose to use her natural intuitive abilities to read tarot through the lens of storytelling. Through her readings she allows clients the space to understand how they author their own life story and gain insight. Clients will be led in their session through a guided visualization that allows them to open to their own inner dialogue. Lindsey will then lay out the current story by using both tarot and oracle cards for deep clarification. Clients are also given the opportunity to ask specific questions or share concerns that may be clarified through the cards.

Lindsey's sessions take place by either Zoom or by email.  Please specify your preference in the booking form.  If you choose email, Lindsey will email you your reading after she has completed it, within 24 hours after your booked appointment.  


"My readings with Lindsey have been deep, expansive and always on point to what is going on in my life. She guided me effortlessly through life’s different trials and tribulations while offering spiritual guidance that feels like a big energetic hug.  I would recommend her to anyone feeling stuck, wanting clarity or that wants a reminder of how magical life is. Will definitely continue seeing Lindsey periodically for check-ins!" - Heidi


Lindsey Rose is a self-proclaimed Creative Alchemist and the mind behind Mystik Rose Arts. Her intention in all her offerings is to inspire others to heal themselves through creative acts such as dance, art, and storytelling. Using these elements of creation, she offers both guided workshops and Storyteller Tarot. Lindsey became a Certified JourneyDance Guide and a Certified Reiki Practitioner in the Usui Lineage in 2017 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Ayurveda. She has always had an innate intuitive ability that she uses as a visual artist, trained dancer, poet and writer. She is also a practicing herbalist. To learn more please follow her @mystikrosearts on Instagram.

Lindsey Rose