The Soul Sanctuary

a mentored "escape" to help you re-claim your soul's purpose, powers, and creativity

Life Feeling a Little...Blah?

When the path that you were taught to follow leads to a life of limitation, it’s easy to find yourself:

  • Unclear about what you really want

  • Feeling uninspired with limited options

  • Anxious and avoiding taking risks or setting boundaries

  • Stressed with no creative outlet

  • Confused with no meaningful plan 

  • Stuck in the monotonous grind of daily life

Reclaim Your Soul's Power!

From a young age, most of us are taught that someone else knows best.  We look outside of ourselves for direction and validation.  Unfortunately, our inner sparkle slowly begins to dull, and soon we are left wondering why we feel so uncertain, unclear, and uninspired.  

I am here to remind you that your pilot light is still on, and your soul powers are just waiting to be re-ignited! Ever since I came out of the closet as a gay person, I have made it my life’s work to live creatively, authentically, and courageously, and I would love to help you do the same.  

Peyton Pugmire,

spiritual intuitive & intuition mentor

Live Soulfully, Creatively, & Intuitively!

I know you feel called towards something BIG and WONDROUS.  And I totally understand your deep desire to live a more authentic and purposeful life!  

But, how do you boldly journey forward when you’ve lost touch with your unique powers and inner guidance system?  

Its time to check in to The Soul Sanctuary.

As a teacher, spiritual intuitive, and mentor with over 20 years of experience, I've guided hundreds of creative spirits, intuitives, teachers, artists, healers, and soul seekers, like yourself, to connect with their inner wisdom and live a purposeful and totally awesome life! I can help you the way I helped them AND myself.


Create Your Own Deck of Soul Power Cards


Unlock the Wisdom


Your Soul



Living Your Truth

and Vision!

Here's What Your "Stay" in The Soul Sanctuary Will Look Like:

Once your free Clarity Session is complete, if working together feels right, we'll begin a 3-month online process, during which you’ll... 

  • Receive weekly, one-on-one intuitive guidance from me

  • Identify your soul powers

  • Engage your creativity in a judgment-free process (this is NOT about product or perfection!)

  • Create your own magical Soul Power Cards that reflect your authentic self

  • Gain clarity and a sense of direction

  • Boost your intuitive power

  • Activate all your senses as a means for trustworthy intuitive guidance

  • Re-train your brain’s thought patterns through personal affirmations

  • Gain clarity around soul mission and soul healing

  • Receive a library of recorded meditations to support your journey


It all begins with a FREE Clarity Session

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