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The Inner Oracle Journey

revealing clear and perfect guidance from within

You already know.


Relying on YOUR OWN intuition, imagination, and inner senses, your Inner Oracle Journey will teach YOU how to recognize your perfect inner wisdom while I hold space for POWERFUL and ACCURATE messages to emerge from within.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to work through major blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals!  


On your Journey, you can gain clarity and healing on a variety of topics including

  • Life purpose

  • Career & creativity

  • Personal development

  • Relationships

  • And more!


The Inner Oracle Journey is a multi-sensory blend of

  • Oracle card reading

  • Guided inner imagery journeying

  • Intuitive coaching

  • Intuitive writing

Structure and Cost:

Your journey will include 2 sessions, each lasting up to 2 hours.  It is best for both sessions to be scheduled within the same week.  Sessions are held online via Zoom, and the total cost of both sessions is $250. 


Begin Your Transformation!


To work with me please complete the New Client Survey.  I will be back in touch within 24 hours. RETURNING CLIENTS:  Please use the "Returning Clients' button to schedule your sessions.

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First Session 

(max 2 hours): 

This session includes alignment with Spirit, guided meditation, and guided inner imagery journeying to reveal accurate messages from an oracle card, as they relate to your

topic of interest.  A worksheet is provided and the session can be recorded.


Second Session

(max 2 hours): 

This session entails exploring and healing any resistance in order to achieve deeper clarity and forward momentum.  We also will work with Archangel Michael and do an intuitive writing exercise to ignite the start of your next journey.   

Client Testimonials:

"Peyton is an incredibly thoughtful, compassionate guide. You can fully trust him to hold space for you to go deeper into yourself so you can access the wisdom that lies within. I walked away feeling refreshed and clear - like I had cleaned out the inner clutter, and with tangible affirmations to hold the newly integrated sense of myself. The Inner Oracle Journey is an opportunity to come home to yourself and realize that all you need already lies within." - Jen E.

"It was such a unique, insightful and positive experience.  I felt incredibly uplifted and understood by you, and that's something that I am very much in need of right now.  Your complete understanding of exactly where I am at this moment in my life was a bit shocking, but so very welcomed.  I can quite literally feel the energy that you radiate out into the world.  Thank you so very much for your time, your energy, and your insight." - Alicia V. 

"This was just the boost and direction I needed, so thank you and to your angel guides!" - Madonna M.

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