The Great Make

a call to artists for global healing



Artists and all creative spirits (young and old) are needed now to help raise the vibration of the planet for the sake of Love and Healing.  So, let us unite and allow our creative energy to flow out across our magnificent planet for everyone’s Highest Good. 


Please energetically band together on Saturday, April 11, 2020, 11am (EST), from wherever you are, to create with these loving intentions!  By uniting at this time to create, with the same intention, we will cast a powerful healing spell over the globe, kind of like a Harry Potter patronus!  So, prepare and get ready to make magic!


Take as much time as you’d like to create and be sure to return to this group afterwards and post images of your creation for this community to enjoy.  Also, feel free to “go live” on Facebook or Instagram as you create.  Thank you all in advance for your commitment and potent artistic medicine.  Here’s to CREATION!

How can I connect with other participating artists?

Please join our public Facebook group HERE for ongoing conversation and high-vibe connection leading up to the big day!


What should I create?


Anything!  Paint, draw, color, doodle, sculpt, cook, craft, play, photograph, write, perform, dance, compose, sing, weave, knit, record, collage, carve, etc.!  There is no right or wrong.  As you create be sure to hold the intention of sending Love and Healing energy out to the world.  This is the magical combination!


Where should I be on April 11 to create?


Anywhere!  Your home, studio, kitchen, basement, bedroom, your living room, outside, your car, your closet, etc.  Again, no right or wrong.  Its all about creating AND holding a loving intention.


How can I prepare?


Prepare how you normally would to create.  You might light a candle, play calming music, or meditate beforehand.  No right or wrong, folks.  Follow your bliss!  It’s ALL GOOD!


What do I do when I’m done creating?


Pat yourself on the back.  Reward yourself!  Breathe deeply.  Send thanks to your Guides and angels for assisting you in the creative process.  AND Be sure to come back to this page and share images of what you created!!    

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