The Great Make

a call to artists for global healing

What is The Great Make?

The Great Make is an online Facebook community of like-hearted artists, makers, and creative spirits who create with the intention of sending love and healing to the world.

How can I become a member?

Easy!  Click here and request to become a member!

What is the purpose of the Facebook group?

This group page was created to provide an online community for positive interaction and sharing.  Members are invited to share what they create for the scheduled Great Makes, and members are also welcome to share self-promotions of artwork sales and events/classes/services (that relate to the arts and healing).

What is the history of The Great Make?

The first Great Make took place on Saturday, April 11, 2020, at 11am EST.

How do I participate in the scheduled Great Makes?

Artists and all creative spirits are needed now to help raise the vibration of the planet for the sake of Love and Healing. So, let us unite and allow our creative energy to flow out across our magnificent planet for everyone’s Highest Good.

Please energetically band together on the scheduled dates, from wherever you are, to create with these loving intentions! By uniting at this time to create, with the same intention, we will cast a powerful healing spell over the globe, kind of like a Harry Potter patronus! So, prepare and get ready to make magic!

To learn more about how to participate, be sure to read the group's About Page on Facebook!