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It's in the Cards:  How to Read Divination Cards for Guidance and Inspiration

Instructor:  Peyton Pugmire, spiritual intuitive and Certified Angel Card Reader


  • Saturday, February 8

Schedule Options: 

  • FULL DAY (Levels 1 & 2):  10am-4pm (1 hour lunch break) 

  • MORNING ONLY (Level 1):  10am-12:30pm


  • FULL DAY (Levels 1 & 2):  $95

  • MORNING (Level 1):  $50

A full day immersion into the magic of card reading! 

Peyton will teach his tried and true method that he uses professionally with his clients from cast to coast. 

Learn to recognize your own intuitive gifts in order to interpret the cards! 

You will no longer need the book to give astoundingly accurate readings!  

Tarot and oracle cards help us connect with our intuition.  When used with love, spiritual awareness, and care, they can help guide us along life’s path in inspiring and awesome ways! A variety of card decks will be made available to use during the workshop or participants may bring their own deck of cards (tarot or oracle). 


Morning Session (Level 1):

In this introductory session, Peyton will guide participants through fun exercises that help us understand the meaning and history of the cards, our own intuitive gifts, and how to do basic readings for ourselves relying only intuition alone (no books!).  Participants will practice their new skills by doing a reading for themselves. 

Afternoon Session (Level 2):

In this advanced session, Peyton will guide participants through fun exercises that help us deepen and strengthen our work with the cards.  Advanced topics will include connecting with Spirit and the angelic realm, sacred preparation, complimentary tools, and more.  Participants will also gain practice giving and receiving readings with a partner.

Past Participant Testimonials:

"I both really enjoyed the class. You have such a lovely teaching style, and your integrity, warmth, encouragement and joy shine through all that you share." - Sara

Peyton, your depth of knowledge, clarity, and love of your gifts and being a teacher allowed me freedom to trust myself and my intuition and shine. I loved working with you and learning from your teachings. Many many thanks!" - Rosemarie

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Peyton Pugmire – Spiritual Intuitive and Certified Angel Card Reader

Peyton first recognized his gifts as an intuitive around the age of eighteen, and he has been doing spiritual intuitive readings ever since for nineteen years.  His psychic work is rooted in Divine Love and Light, assuring that his clients receive uplifting and loving guidance.  Primarily clairvoyant and clairaudient, Peyton “sees” and “hears” the messages, as they pertain to his client’s questions.    Peyton works closely with the Angelic Realm, including the Archangels, to receive accurate messages for his clients from coast to coast.  The Archangels also work with Peyton to cut through etheric cords and clear past life blockages that are impeding on his client’s current life path.   Peyton is adept at using tarot, oracle, and angel cards, and he is the designer and publisher of his own deck of divination cards, the Oz Oracle Cards.  Clients find Peyton's readings to be uplifting, insightful, positive, and accurate.  Peyton wishes for each client to leave a session feeling empowered and re-connected to her and his sense of purpose! You can learn more and book a reading with Peyton by visiting