Artist Guidelines

These guidelines will help ensure that our exhibit and your work look fabulous!


Artwork is not juried for selection.  Artwork which complies with all guidelines below will be exhibited for the duration of the show, and the work may be priced for sale.  


Artist Registration

A registration form must be submitted online before the registration deadline. 

Participation Fee


The cost to participate in an exhibit is $30.00 per piece.  Artists may enter up to two pieces of artwork per show.  A diptych is considered two separate pieces, and the $30 fee applies for each of the two pieces.   


The participation fee includes a $15 non-refundable administrative fee.  No refunds (complete or partial) will be issued on or past the drop-off date.

Acceptable Art

Artwork must be suitable for all ages.  Creative Spirit reserves the right to refuse any artwork that it deems inappropriate for younger viewers. 


Artwork must be 2D (paintings, drawings, collage, photographs, etc.).  Shadowboxes and assemblage pieces are acceptable as long as they fulfill size/hanging requirements. 


Artwork must be the original creation.  Please no reproductions or prints of original artwork.  

Images of Artwork

Images of artwork are not required to register for an exhibit, however, if you question whether or not your piece is suitable, you are welcome to submit images for consideration.  Please email images to Peyton Pugmire at ppugmire@creativespiritma.com.


Selling Your Work 


We urge artists to price their work to sell.  We will gladly consult with artists on pricing.  Artists may also mark their work not for sale, if they prefer.   


All sales must be made through Creative Spirit, which receives 30% of the sale price of any piece sold (pre-tax). A 6.25% MA sales tax is applied to all sales. Artists will be paid by Creative Spirit within one month after sale.


All artwork must remain hanging in the exhibit until the exhibit closes. All artwork must be paid for in full at the time of purchase.


Size, Hanging, & Framing Requirements


We reserve the right to reject any piece that does not comply with the following requirements.  Please contact ppugmire@creativespiritma.com if you have any questions.


SIZE:  Each piece must be no more than 24″ on any one side, including the frame.


HANGING:  All work must be hang ready with screw eyes (or D-rings) and wire (no string) across the back.  Please no saw tooth hangers.   Metal frames should have hardware that screws tightly in the track (no sliders).   Wire should be secured 1/4 to 1/3 down from the top of piece to ensure that it hangs at an appropriate angle. 


FRAMING:  Matted work must be framed with glass or plexi-glass.  Canvases with a profile thickness of less than 1.5 inches MUST BE FRAMED; otherwise canvases without frames are acceptable.  Canvas must be stapled on the back with clean or painted sides. 


Wet paintings will not be accepted.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up Dates

Artwork must be dropped off and picked up during the specified time-frames.  We will require a $5/day late fee on all work not picked-up within the designated time-frame.  We are not responsible for work that is damaged, lost, or stolen after that date. Artwork left more than one month after the pick-up date becomes the property of Creative Spirit.



We submit local and regional press releases, list show details on our website, use social media, and include show information in e-blasts sent to our subscribers.  Artists are also encouraged to help spread the word. We reserve the right to photograph, reproduce or use an image of artwork in promotional materials. 



Artwork Protection

We are not responsible in any way for the loss, damage, disappearance or harm of any kind to an artist’s work. It is recommended that all artists insure their own work(s) for the duration of the show.