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DATES: Sunday, 2/27/22 - Sunday, 3/27/22

ZOOM CEREMONIES & CHECK-INS (the only dates on which you will connect with the group): 

  • Sunday, 2/27, 4pm-6pm

  • Sunday, 3/6, 4pm-5:30pm

  • Sunday, 3/13, 4pm-5:30pm

  • Sunday, 3/20, 4pm-5:30pm

  • Sunday, 3/27, 4pm-6pm​

FACILITATOR: Peyton Pugmire, spiritual intuitive and lover of all things magical​

COST:  $255

MATERIALS:  a deck of oracle cards (not provided) & journal (provided); Tarot cards are not recommended for this experience unless you are an experienced and passionate tarot card user/reader.

Step foot on a sacred 30 day journey, guided by your own

intuition, inner wisdom, truth…and oracle cards!


This month-long experience will empower you to go within yourself for clarity, peace, and inspiration for the sake of receiving transformational guidance on all of life’s topics including

  • Purpose

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Spiritual meaning

  • and more!



Your journey will be centered around the use of your favorite deck of oracle cards – an ancient and reliable divination tool.  The practice is simple yet transformational:  For 30 days, you are invited to pull one card each morning, decipher its message, and then integrate the card’s guidance into your day in a meaningful way. 


A special journal will be provided for daily record keeping and card analysis, and regular Zoom gatherings will take place for group meditation, check-in, and sharing about your miraculous weekly discoveries and experiences!  We’ll begin and end the journey with uplifting ceremonies to set intentions, explore effective card reading technique, and honor all that has transpired and what is yet to come!  



We’ll journey as a group, exploring our inner guidance both independently and together.  Our weekly Zoom check-ins will serve by helping to create accountability, affirm our unique paths, and provide discussion to further inspire your personal growth. 


  • A sustained practice to help you connect with peace and truth

  • Learn easy ways to read the cards for spot-on accuracy

  • A special journal with powerful questions to help you clarify your card's guidance

  • Peyton's compassionate mentorship

  • Inspiration from other like-hearted participants who are journeying alongside you (you are never alone!)

  • Accountability for a long-term new year's practice steeped in self-love and care

  • Regular check-ins to connect in a warm, fun, and friendly circle

  • Renewed outlook and the tempting of miracles!


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